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Marine Biology

The University of Adelaide Australia

Australia's first Marine Ecology textbook

Marine Ecology examines Australian marine ecosystems in unprecedented scope and depth. The 23 chapters represent a collaboration of 67 authors from 37 institutions and sets a new standard in texts of marine ecology (Oxford University Press). Edited by Sean D. Connell & Bronwyn M. Gillanders.

Where we go for relaxation

Our region is centred midway along the temperate world's longest east-west coastline. Kangaroo Island is visited for its seascapes and extraordinary abundances of wildlife (including echidnas, goannas, kangaroos, koalas and seals). Divers regularly swim with leafy seadragons and sea lions. We are the cellar-door to three wine regions, including the Barossa Valley and its distinctive Shiraz. These are a small selection of what you could discover.

Sean's latest paper

A collaboration with several state government organisations to recover a lost baseline.