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Marine Biology
SA 5005

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PhD Students
Heidi Alleway Identifying and reconstructing shifted marine ecological baselines
Tom Barnes Mulloway ecology
Owen Burnell Trophic seagrass ecology in a changing climate
Sarah Catalano Using mesozoan dicyemid parasites to infer the population structure of giant Australian cuttlefish in southern Australian waters
Anthony (Rex) Conallin Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and native fish of Lower Murray wetlands, South Australia: distribution, offstream movements and invasive species control options
Morgan Disspain Reliable Palaeoenvironmental Records? An examination of fish otoliths analysis in archaeological investigations
Pete Fraser The impacts of introduced trout on native fishes in the Western Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia
Giulia Ghedini Synergistic effects of local and global stressors on temperate macroalgal systems
Kayla Gilmore Hypoxia in the Murray River region: identifying impacts to fish and tracking long-term trends
Ana (Judith) Giraldo Black bream population dynamics in the Fleurieu peninsula and on Kangaroo Island
Gretchen Grammer Otoliths as a proxy to examine oceanographic processes in relation to climate variability
Nastaran Mazloumi The physiological responses of King George whiting to environmental parameters
Chloe McSkimming Forcasting the future of seagrass ecosystems under global and local impacts
Nicole Mertens Investigating the strength of species interactions in kelp forests under local and global change
Jennifer Pistevos Early life behaviour and physiological plasticity of fish and it's implication to adaptation in relation to climate change
Patrick Reis-Santos Estuarine nursery areas and coastal connectivity of fish populations
Tullio Rossi Climate change and fish behavioural ecophysiology: a different future from the molecular to the ecological level
Brenton Zampatti The impact of river regulation on fish assemblage structure, movement and recruitment in the Lower Murray River

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Honours Students
Owen Coffee The impact of projected increases of oceanic CO2 on temperate kelp forest ecosystems
Ben Florance The influence of temperature and nutrients on epiphytic grazing in seagrass ecosystems
Kristen Fragnito Identifying the foraging behaviour and foraging habitat of the Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) using National Geograhic Crittercam  
Alyssa Giannoni Reproductive biology of garfish: the effects of adult size and age
Rebecca Koch The effects of temperature on four snail populations along the coast of South Australia
Samuel Langholz The impacts of local and global stressors on amphipod grazing communities in temperate South Australian seagrass ecosystems 
Alyssa Lumsden The implications of projected temperature and CO2 levels on the survivorship and behavioural responses of gastropods to crab predation cues in temperate kelp forests
Danielle Manetti The potential impact of elevated temperature and CO2 on cephalopods
Dhani Riehl Measuring the metabolic rate of marine invertebrates under future models of ocean acidification and warming temperatures
Shelley Rogers The individual and synergistic effects of elevated temperature and CO2 levels on the inter-specific interactions of temperate intertidal invertebrates
Adam Schultz The effects of temperature and seawater trace element concentration on statoliths of squid 
Talia Wittmann Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) and New Zealand fur seal (Arctocephalus forsteri) biochronologies: Linking growth increments in teeth to changing climate