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Marine Biology
SA 5005

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Prof. Sean D. Connell

I research the beauty, preservation and managed use of nature

Improving my skills and passing them onto those who are also passionate about nature is why I work in a university.

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Past - Present - Future

Student projects available

PhD and BSc (Honours) projects are available.  In general, these centre on either recovering nature's past or anticipatng her future so we can manage the ecological effects of a changing world today.  Student research is hands-on, either working on the coast or in aquarium facilities.


Example projects:

My students publish their findings in good journals and graduate to great jobs:  Here are 3 examples:

Giulia Ghedini is a current lab member who is pioneering new theory on ecosystem stability.  She uses SCUBA and acquariums.  One of her chapters is published in the top journal for ecological research.  more

    Ghedini G, et al. (2015) Trophic compensation reinforces resistance: herbivory absorbds the increasing effects of multiple disturbances. Ecology Letters 18:182-187

        Laura Falkenberg used large floating mesocosms to reveal how local managment can reduce the ecological effects of climate change.  The European Union highlight her work to policy-makers.  She graduated to a Fellowship at University College London.

          Falkenberg LJ, et al. (2013) Disrupting the effects of synergies between stressors: improved water quality dampens the effects of future CO2 on a marine habitat. J Applied Ecology 50:51-58

            Dan Gorman undertook extensive SCUBA diving to show how catchment-type drives kelp forest collapse. His work has helped change coastal managment and improve water quality.  He has since worked in marine institutiuons in France and Brazil.  more

              Gorman D, et al. (2009) Land-to-sea connectivity: linking human-derived terrestrial subsidies to subtidal habitat change on open rocky coasts. Ecological Applications 19:1114-1126


                To gain access to the minds of two or more renown experts, these projects are usually collaborative ‘Prospective student projects'. International students can apply for IPRS and ASI international postgraduate scholarships.  The general themes are past, present and future:



                Click here to see my thesis - the structure of my recent work



                Contact Information:

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