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Marine Biology
SA 5005

+61 8 8303 3999
+61 8 8303 4364

Prof. Sean D. Connell

I research the beauty and managed use of nature

Improving my skills and passing them onto those who are also passionate about nature is why I work in a university.

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Past - Present - Future

Student projects available

PhD and BSc (Honours) projects are available.  In general, these centre on either recovering nature's past or anticipatng her future so we can manage the ecological effects of a changing world today.  Student research is hands-on, either working on the coast or in aquarium facilities.

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    To gain access to the minds of two or more renown experts, these projects are usually collaborative ‘Prospective student projects'. International students can apply for IPRS and ASI international postgraduate scholarships.  The general themes are past, present and future:





    Contact Information:

    Telephone +61 8 830 36125
    Email sean.connell
    Fax +61 8 830 34364