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Marine Biology

The University of Adelaide Australia


University Staff
Sean D. Connell Restoring nature, plant & animal interactions
Bronwyn M. Gillanders Fish ecology & otolith chemistry
Pablo Munguia Marine ecology & crustacean biology
Ivan Nagelkerken Fish and climate change & Estuarine fish and population connectivity
Zoe Doubleday Fish and cephalopod ecology, sclerochemistry and sclerochronology
Chris Izzo Aging sharks & rays
Claudia Junge Population genetics
Corey Bradshaw Ecosystem modeller & climate change ecologist

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Affiliate Staff
Steve Donnellan South Australian Museum
Tony Fowler SARDI aquatic sciences
Simon Goldsworthy SARDI aquatic sciences
Jason Tanner SARDI aquatic sciences

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Laura Airoldi University of Bologna (Italy)
Mike Graham Moss Landings Marine Laboratories (USA)
Chris Harley University of British Columbia (USA)
Fabio Bulleri University of Piza (Italy)
Marti J Anderson University of Auckland (New Zealand)