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Marine Biology

The University of Adelaide Australia

Past Staff and Students


Staff Now working at:
 Travis Elsdon  SKM
 Andrew Irving  SARDI aquatic sciences

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PhD Students Title of Research
Al Baylis Foraging ecology of lactating New Zealand fur seals
Ali Bloomfield Food webs and ecosystems: a stable isotope perspective 
Juan Matias Braccini  
Katherine Cheshire Freshwater larval fish ecology
Luke Einoder Feeding and breeding ecology of marine birds
Travis Elsdon Reconstructing environmental histories of fish from otolith chemistry: experimental validations and applications
Laura Falkenberg Climate induced phase-shifts on temperate coasts
Meegan Fowler-Walker Biogeographic variation in kelp forests
Paris Goodsell Habitat fragmentation and species richness
Daniel Gorman Land-to-sea linkages: altered seascapes
Andrew Irving Patterns and responses of benthos to habitat heterogeneity in algal forests of Australasia and Antarctica
Chris Izzo Aging shark and rays
Juan Pablo Livore Nutrient-driven variation in consumer dynamics
Eric Nicholson Coastal wetlands and diatom assemblages
Nicholas Payne Movement and migration of giant Australian cuttlefish
Lizzie Perkins Phylogenetic analyses of fish parasites
Bethany Roberts Oceanography drive benthic ecology
Bayden Russell Nutrient pollution and kelp forests
Richard Saunders Recruitment dynamics of snapper
Thor Saunders Defining the spatial scale of adalone populations
Skye Woodcock Otolith marking of native freshwater fish

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Masters Students Title of Research
 Maren Wellenreuther  

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Honours Students Title of Research
Heidi (Bartram) Alleway  
 Ali Bloomfield  
 Sarah Catalano Parasites of large piscivores
 Melita de Vries  
 Simon Drummond  
 Kayla Gilmore Determining environmental histories of freshwater fish - interactive effects of temperature and elemental concentration on otolith chemistry
 Belinda Gordon What is the future for contemporary processes?
 Kingsley Griffin Nutrients as drivers of seagrass loss: tests of threshold effects
 Jodie Haig  
 Tanya Joyce  
 Ben Leonello  
 Chloe McSkimming Edge effects on faunal abundance and predation rates in fragmented seagrass meadows 
 Sam Owen Mechanisms for seagrass loss: indirect effects of nutrient enrichment
 Jarrod Stehbens  The effects of nutrients on benthic assemblages
 Joanne Taylor The future of invasive species under climate change
 Caroline Wilson  

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International Student-Exchanges
Claire Passarelli (France) Effects of UVB radiation under elevated CO2

Rik de Groot(Netherlands)

Fish diversity: physical and chemical drivers
Martijn Schiphouwer (Netherlands) Fish diversity: physical and chemical drivers