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Marine Biology

The University of Adelaide Australia

MESO Facility: Marine Experiments for a Sustainable Outcome

We are proud to announce a new facility that we have developed with SARDI Aquatic Sciences. We can manipulate pCO2 and temperature and nutrients:

  • Ecosystem-scale interactions among species:  4000 L flow-through (coastal)
  • Kelp or seagrass scale responses: 400 L tanks (on campus)
  • Fine-scale physiology: 20 L tanks (on campus)

We can alter the species assemblages based on specific project needs. The demand for space is high, but If you're interested in collaborating with us on a project using the mesocosms, please contact either Bayden Russell or Sean Connell.


The MESO outdoor 4000L mesocosms at SARDI Aquatic Sciences


Floating 150 L mesocosms