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Marine Biology
SA 5005

+61 8 8303 3999
+61 8 8303 4364

Marine Biology on Southern Seas

Our research is distinctive for its range of marine life we study:

  • fish, invertebrates, plants
  • their role and reliance within ecosystems: e.g. seagrass, mangrove and kelp forests
  • connectivity and ecology of rivers, estuaries, gulfs, open coasts
  • spanning 100s to 1000s of kilometres of Australian coast 

We respond to national & international research priorities for management:

  • involving government bodies responsible for policy development in their governance 
  • encompassing large areas of coast over long periods of time

Our People and their Research



The 8th International Temperate Reef Symposium:
12-16th January 2009.

To be held in Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is known for its easy-going character, excellent food and red wine. The city's heart is encompassed within parkland & gardens, restaurants & the National Wine Centre, and museums & galleries. All within 1 - 5 minutes walk from The University of Adelaide.

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