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Marine Biology
SA 5005

+61 8 8303 3999
+61 8 8303 4364

Marine Biology on Southern Seas

Our research is distinctive for its range of marine life we study:

  • fish, invertebrates, plants
  • their role and reliance within ecosystems: e.g. seagrass, mangrove and kelp forests
  • connectivity and ecology of rivers, estuaries, gulfs, open coasts
  • spanning 100s to 1000s of kilometres of Australian coast 

We respond to national & international research priorities for management:

  • involving government bodies responsible for policy development in their governance 
  • encompassing large areas of coast over long periods of time

Our People and their Research



Australia's First Marine Ecology Textbook

Marine Ecology examines Australian marine ecosystems in unprecedented scope and depth. The 23 chapters represent a collaboration of 67 authors from 37 institutions and sets a new standard in texts of marine ecology (Oxford University Press). Edited by Sean D. Connell & Bronwyn M. Gillanders.

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